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Related post: Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 17:30:14 -0800 From: Justyn Subject: Reese and Me european preteen naturism 17 - OutingReese and Me 17 - Outing March 26, 2001Written by Jamie McHaleWarning - This story contains sexual content of a homosexual nature.Note - This story is the property of the writer. Any copying in part or in whole of this document is prohibited. This story is completely fictional and does not involve any real people.EMAIL me if you have any comments. ____________________________________________________________________________ Reese and Me 17 - Outing I lay on the bed, waiting for my man to return from his evening practice. The bed, in Reese's basement spare room was comfortable enough, but not like home. It took me two days of self-pity and all out misery to realize that I did have to go home eventually. Reese's parents had been awesome about preteens 5yr pantyes letting me stay with them, but I was out-staying my welcome. And there were some things that I needed to take care of across the street with my parents. I loved them, and deep down, I knew they loved me too. Eventually, they would have to get used to the fact that I was gay. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. "Come in," I said, sitting up in the bed. The door crept open and in came Reese. "Hey," he offered, immediately approaching the bed. "How was practice?" I asked, moving over on the bed so russian preteen nudes he had some room to thai photo preteen join me. "Same," he replied, laying down next to me. "My parents aren't home." "I know," I said, metart preteens nude smiling. I knew exactly what was on his mind. "They said they were going out for groceries." preteen bikiny girls Reese grinned big, "K, let me chat preteens room go have a shower. I'll be right back." And with that, he shot up off the bed, headed for the door. Still smiling, I relaxed into my pillow. My mind was invaded with thoughts of my parents again. I didn't sweat it though, I was used to it by then. At that point, I understood that I needed to face this problem, instead of running away from it. Because until I did, it would never go away. I decided all at once, that after Reese and I spent a little time together, I would head across the street to deal with my parents. Not even ten minutes after Reese left for his shower, he strolled back into the room. He was wearing nothing, except a towel and a big smile. Water dripping down his chest and stomach, he walked up to the foot of the bed. I met him there, model preteens strawberry sitting on the edge 3d sexy preteen of the covers. He came right up to me, and I accepted him into my arms. My head at about stomach level, I slowly lowered his towel to the floor. His cock sprang out, already semi-hard. I looked up at his face. He looked delighted, so I pulled him in even closer, wrapping my arms around his naked body. I leaned in and kissed his dripping pecs. I bit at his bekonning nipples. I licked a line all the way down to his long dick, where I began sucking. Reese saw that I had to bend down to suck him, so he took the initiative and climbed up onto the bed in front of me. He was now on his knees on the covers before me. I preteen nude blog was delighted at the new position, and resumed my tgp preteen sex job on his cock. Reese made a sound as I increased my speed. My hands found their way to his bare ass. He was still wet from his shower, and it was really turning me on. I went harder on his dick as it throbbed in my mouth. My fingers explored his ass cheeks as the pleasuring continued. Reese began to lightly preteen links girls pump forward, humping my face. I loved it, only taking more of him into my mouth. Suddenly, as Reese's cock began to pulsate, he pushed me back onto the bed. He'd been about to cum, I figured. He immediately began to come down on me. He was so hot. I loved him so much. Not only was he the best in bed, but he was supportive and caring. He gave a shit about my problems. He cared about my situation with my parents. And over the past few days, he had been advising me on what to do. Reese straddled me, going preteen natural models for my shirt. I helped him slip it off. Next, he bent down and we kissed passionately. I accepted his tongue into my mouth and we showed each other just how much we loved. amsterdam preteen girls Reese spent some time kissing and licking at my chest, but eventually found his way down to my cock. Having pulled my pants and boxers down to my knees, Reese bobbed on my rod. He sucked and sucked, keeping me on the edge with his warm mouth. He used his tongue to stimulate my knob as he kept it up. Then, I finally blew my load, Reese swallowing every drop. I jumped on top of him, going down on his dick again. american preteen porn It was candy pussy preteen his turn to blow. And it didn't take long. After less than five minutes of my magic, Reese moaned, his body pulsing with sexual energy. And he fired shot after shot of jism down my throat. pretty black preteens After it was over, we lay together. Him completely naked, and me, half-naked. I held him close, the sun slipping out of the sky outside. The room was soon blanketed in darkness, and we stayed there on the bed, talking. "So, you decided what you're doing?" Reese asked tenderly. preteen feet pics "Yeah, I have," I replied, kissing the back of his neck. "I'm goin' home tonight." "You sure?" Reese asked, concerned, "You can stay for longer if you want. If you think you aren't ready." fucking preteen pic "I'm ready," I declared, preteen models forums proud of myself. "I can't keep hiding from this." "I'm glad that you're better with all this now," Reese said, turning on the bed to face me. It had hit me the day before. My parents actually knew. Their precious little boy was cp nn preteen queer. I tried to put myself in their position, but I decided that preteen little ladies I could shaved preteen gallery never understand how they felt. All I could do was try to fix things, and help them to accept who I am. "Yeah," I said, gving Reese a little peck on hot looking preteens the lips. "I know now that I just have to face this. Things'll work out in the end." "Yeah," Reese agreed, suddenly trailing off in thought. "What you thinking about?" I asked him, touching the side of his face. "Just my parents," he explained, "I wonder what underage preteen girls they'd say if they found out about me." "I dunno," I said, "They'd probably react the way my parents did, but then they'd understand and things would be alright." "I piss face preteen wonder," Reese uttured, turning his face so that he was staring up at the ceiling. All of a sudden, we heard a clamour pedo preteen samples upstairs. It was the front door opening, and Reese's parents coming in. "Reese?" his Mother called. "Oh shit!" cried Reese, jumping out of bed. Quickly, he wrapped the towel around his slim physique and began for the door. He turned back to me before leaving, "Don't go 'till I get back, k?" "K," I acknowledged, rushing to pull up my pants. I slipped my shirt on next, standing by the door to listen to what was going on upstairs. I could hear preteen cunt videos Reese making his way up the stairs for his room. I could also hear his parents questioning him about his attire. asian preteen bed He replied that he'd just come out of the shower. I could tell that his parents suspected something, though. Moving away from the door, preteen incest sluts I began to collect my things. I hadn't arrived with much, due to my rushed departure from home, so it didn't take long. I found myself waiting for Reese to come back for nearly ten minutes. In the deadly silence of the room, I could hear voices photos preteen nude discussing something on the main floor. I could make out Reese preteen schoolgirls xxx and his Mom. And every now and then, his Dad. They almost sounded as though they were arguing. And this went on for a while. Quite suddenly, I heard someone scream, it was Reese. Then, there were foot-falls on the stairs leading down into the basement. I pre teenie nymphets didn't know what to expect, but was glad when I saw that it was a now dressed Reese. He was visibly distraught. "What's wrong?" I demanded, getting up to approach him. "Nothing," he said hastily, "You have to go home now." "Yeah, ok," I agreed, extremely concerned now. "Are you fighting with your parents?" I asked, making my way toward top preteen nudity the door. "Yeah," he replied, still distraught. I could see that a tear was beginning to take form in the hacked preteen corner of his eye. We made it to the top of the stairs and into the foyer portion of the home. I promptly slipped on my shoes preteen tpg lists and began for the door. Reese was urgently rushing me toward it. "Call me," I told him, sadenned my his condition. I had no idea what was going on, but I knew that it was upsetting him. "K," he said, closing the door behind me. Recovering from the obvious situation inside Reese's house, I stood archive model preteen looking at my own home. I began to plan everything that I would say. preteen pussy link Everything that I would do. I did this until I realized that it was useless. I hadn't a clue what my parents' reaction to me would be. preteens toplists They could be furious, or happy to see that I was alright. They could decide to punish me, or appologize for their early reactions. Soon, bikini in preteens I was standing russian jailbait preteens in front of the door to my house. With a final surge of courage, I reached for the door-knob and turned it, entering the house. The familiar smells of the house hit my nostrils like a bomb. It was all so real to me again. preteen upskit movies "Hello?" called my Mom from the living room directly preteen nude children ahead of me. "Mom," escaped from my mouth, as I took off my shoes. I realized right then that this could preteen nudis beach get a little emotional. "Jake!" my Mom cried, preteen and nudism launching out of her chair. My Dad wasn't far behind her. "Where have you been?!" It wasn't so much anger in her voice, but concern. "Son!" my Dad shrieked, running toward me. I met them half-way, and model preteens feet we had what you could call a group-hug. My parents squeezed me tight. I could already hear my Mom crying. "I'm so sorry, Jake!" my Dad said, "I'm sorry!" "I'm sorry I took off," I told them, "I was stupid." "No," my Dad said immediately, "I was stupid. I chased my own son out of the house." "It's ok, Dad," I said, tears forming in preteens kinder nude both my eyes. "I shouldn't have let you find out that way." And we all just stood there preteen of candyland in the living room, holding onto each other. In that moment, I realized just how much I preteens x loved my parents. And how much they loved me. The next hour or so was spent sitting in the living room, talking preteen japanise it all over. I confessed more things to them in that hour than I'd ever told anyone, even Reese or Chase. And it felt good. It felt good to let it all out in the open. I'd initally thought that I'd be entering a disaster zone of flying insults, but I was surrounded by love as I discussed the facts of my life with my parents. After it was all over, my parents said that they were tired and started for the stairs. models preteen list "Good night, Jake," my Mom offered as china preteen sites she made her way up to the second floor. "I love you." "I love you too, Mom," I called after her. My Dad seemed to be linguering by the bottom of the stairs, waiting for my Mom to disappear into their room. "Jake," my Dad began, gesturing for me to step over to him. "Yeah," I said, walking up to him. "When I discovered you and Reese kissing here in the house, I realized that you two have been intimate before. Am I right?" This type of talk made me feel terribly uncomfortable, but since the night had been spent spilling the beans on my sexuality, I decided to cooperate with his line of questioning. "Yes, Dad," I answered, my face turning bright red. He didn't look shocked, but I could tell that he was still having a hard time with the whole thing. "Ok, just checking," he told me, beginning to turn for the stairs. "Just don't ever let me catch you two doing that again." After this, he began his accent up the stairs to join my Mother in the bedroom. I completely understood what my Dad was saying. He didn't tell me not to have sex with Reese, just not to let him come upon us in the act. I understood also why he wouldn't wish to see us doing that again. I imagined if I were a parent, I wouldn't really want to see my kids doing that either. I sucked in a deep breath, making my way downstairs for the bathroom. Passing by the door to the rec room, I remembered all the good lina preteen tgp times Reese and I had had in there together. Our first time was on the hide-a-bed. I smiled, entering the bathroom. I immediately took off all my clothes and ran the hot water in the huge bathtub. I decided that I preteen erotica stories would relax into a nice bath to clear my head. Just as I was getting into the water, though, I realized that Reese hadn't yet called me. I quickly stepped away from the bath and walked into the hall for the rec room. After grabbing the cord-less phone, I made my way back into the bathroom. I sighed, slipping into the hot water. It felt good, I was almost instantly relaxed. It wasn't long before I had to call Reese, however. I wondered what he and his parents had been fighting about. Reese was never in trouble with them. I dialed his number and waited. After the third ring, Reese's Mom answered, "Hello?" "Hi, is Reese there please?" I tried to sound as pleasant as possible, but I was concerned for my man. "He can't talk right now." Then, she hung up on me. I couldn't believe it. I wondered if perhaps they were all still into it over there. I almost couldn't stand the suspence of not knowing what was going on, but I decided to stay right there in the bath. Whatever was happening was their business and didn't involve me. Even so, I still wanted to be there for Reese why preteens sex if he was upset. The phone rang in my hands as I was putting it down on the cute preteen sex shelf. I immediately illegal pictures preteen pushed talk, "Hello?" "Jake." It was Reese's voice. I could tell that he'd been crying recently. "They know, Jake." "Who knows what?" I demanded preteen magic pictures of him, suddenly even more concerned. "My parents, Jake," he explained, his voice cracking. "They know I'm gay. They grounded me and said tori preteens models I can't see you anymore." There was something else in his voice now. It was panic. And I could relate. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "How do they know?" I asked, just wanting to get naked preteen voyeur out of the bath and rescue him from his house. "They got it out of me. They said . . . They privatepreteen girl models said preteen sexe gallery that they suspected it for months. They're really not taking it well." He was crying now. "Reese," I said, feeling for him, alphasex preteen "I'm so sorry, Reese." "You have nothing to be sorry about," he told me, "It was molly preteen model my fault. But, now I think it's over." "What?!" I gasped, sitting straight up in the bath. "What do you mean?!" "They won't let me see you anymore, Jake," he repeated, continuing to weep. "I don't think they're gonna let me see anyone for a while." "That doesn't mean it's over, Reese!" I cried desperately. "We can still be together, can't we?" If I wasn't panicking before, I was then. "I hope so," he wept, "I hope so." "Oh Reese!" I cried, "Can you sneak out?" "No," he replied, becomming more fantastic preteens galleries and more distracted. "I have to go." "Reese, preteens nn models keep talking to me." But it was too late, he'd hung up. I sat there completely disillusioned. Things had really fallen apart now. What was left? I'd only ever seen Reese so upset on two occasions. Things were really bad. small preteen gallery Really, really bad. My poor Reese was under fire at home, and there was nothing I could do about it. His parents were threatening to end everything. Those bastards, I thought. How could they do that to their own son? Then, I realized that it was very posible that Reese's parents might come exploited young preteens around, much like mine had. My Dad's initial reaction had been bad as well. But now, they nonnnude preteen models were alright with the whole preteens model girls thing. Maybe things will work out for the best, I hoped. The next morning was beautiful, but somehow, things seemed different to me. It had been my first night back in the house, but I didn't think that it was that. I was filled with distress and uneasiness where preteen nude series Reese was concerned. I wondered what he'd look like today. How he'd be. I wondered if things had improved at his house overnight. Maybe his parents had already come around. I stood in the foyer, watching across the street for Reese to come out and get into his Mom's Camry. But, as the minutes passed, and time ran out for me to make it to school in time, Reese never emerged from the house. maxwell s preteens I decided to leave for school while I still had time. Perhaps Reese will come for second class, I thought. Slipping on a pair of shades, I made my way out to the Jeep. I kept my eyes on Reese's front door for as long as I could, but there was still no movement. It was a hot and sunny day, but I found myself having a hard time getting in a good mood. All I could think about was Reese. Was he baracaded in his own room, his parents still forcing him to end his relationship with me? Was he alone, crying into a pillow? I almost couldn't stand it, but I kept myself from going across the street to see him. I knew if his parents answered the door, they'd likely be furious. I climbed into the Jeep and raped the preteen pulled out into the street. And, after giving Reese's pics preteens naked house a final glance, I began down the road for school. I put on Ruff Ryders Volume 1. inocent cp preteen It was old but it always got me stoked. But, even after the music was coming through the speakers, I still couldn't take my mind off Reese and his situation at home. I decided that if I didn't hear from him by last class, I'd either call, or stop by his house. His parents were usually still at work right after school. I soon arrived in the St. Micheal's High School parking lot. Before exiting the Cherokee, I grabbed my cell phone, just in case Reese tried to get a hold of me during school. The halls were packed as the five minute bell rang in my ears. I quickly collected my stuff and headed for my first class. I increased speed as I made my way through a large crowd of people, mostly guys. About half-way through the little gathering I felt something cut me off at the ankles. And before I knew what had happened, I'd landed on my chest and face on the hard concrete floor. I let out a yelp, struggling to get up. I looked down at my right hand. I was clutching what was left of my cell phone. Still in pain, I pulsed with anger and rage as I stood up. I looked around to see preteen thong modeling a crowd of people laughing at me. In underage preteen fun the preteenes free middle of this crowd, was Alex. "Mother fucker," I uttured, poised preteen boy gallerys to fight. "Oh, nude small preteens bad words!" Alex cried sarcastically. "You kiss your Mother with that mouth?!" he teased. temper preteen girls He was surrounded by friends. Not all of them were big, but preteen 6 16 there was lots. "You broke my fucken phone!" I cried in rage, balling up my other fist. I was mad, but I knew that I didn't have a chance against the number of people in front of me. I wet preteen pussy wondered where the hell all of my friends were. Probably all in class already. "Leave him alone!" a female voice called from behind me. I whipped around to discover that it was Meghan. With her was Kevin, Johnny, and three other guys. They were all holding their preteen possy books, preteens freesample so I guessed that they'd been on their way to class. preteens bikini beach Alex laughed, "Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do?!" "Watch how you're talking to my girl, bitch," Kevin said calmly, stepping forward. Meghan put a hand on my shoulder, "Come on, Jake." I still wanted to pound the fuck out of Alex, but I slowly backed off with my buds. They say it rape preteen pics takes a bigger man to walk away. I don't know if that's always true. "That's right, walk away, nude russian preteenz pussy!" called Alex behind me. A surge of rage travelled up through my body. God, I wanted to kill him! "Ignore him," Meg said, putting an arm around me. "They broke your cell phone?" "Yeah," I answered, my voice shaky. I was still red with anger. "We'll make sure they pay for it," she assured me. Through all the rage, I realized just how good a friend she was. All of them were. I counted myself lucky. I knew that if and when the time came that Alex decided to attack legal preteen modles me again, I had plenty of back-up. My buds all walked me to the office to report Alex. We all waited there while the Vice-Principal went to hunt him down, but he'd aparently escaped the innocent incest preteens building. usenet archives preteens I wasn't surprised. It would have been stupid for him to remain in the school. boys top preteen The Vice assured me that he would make Alex pay for the damaged cell phone, but I didn't know how successful he would be. Alex barely went to school anymore. He was digging his hole deeper and deeper, getting into the wrong type of crowd. I remembered the old days when we were best friends. I recalled when drinking two beers seemed so thrilling to us. And now, Alex and I were enemies. He was discovering the wonders of doing drugs and other illegal activities. And I was still much in the same place that I'd been a preteen young virgins year earlier. School ended and I hot preteen fucked was still mad. As I made my way out to the Jeep, exposed preteen thong I expected to be jumped my Alex and his little crew. illegal sexpreteen But, I wasn't. My thoughts turned to Reese, as I climbed into the big Cherokee. I decided to drop by. I was too worried about him. It was a short drive home, partly due to the preteen girls cloud fact that I was going way too fast. I parked the Jeep in my driveway, and quickly ran across the street for Reese's house. I took in a deep breath, building up the courage to knock on the door. When I finally did, Reese's Mom answered. I managed a half-smile for her, "Hi Mrs. Pirelli, is Reese home?" "No he's not," she replied. "He's gone away for a while, Jake." "What?!" I stuttured, suddenly feeling dizzy. "Where'd he go?!" "He's gone to stay with my sister for a preteen underage nonude little while," she explained hastily, trying to close the door in my face. I held the door open, "Where?!" I cried desperately. cutie preteen mode Reese's Mom sighed, obviously annoyed, "In Fresno." "What?!" I gasped, having to grab onto the door-frame in order to keep my balance. "You sent him to Fresno because he's gay?!" I was having difficulty breathing now. Panic had enveloped my body like never before. "Yes, we did. Maybe a little trip away from you will change things." Then, she slammed the door in my face. My jaw dropped, my body trembling violently. Dizzy, I almost fell flat on my face as I turned away from the house. It hit me like a nuclear explosion. Reese was gone. preteen latino models Reese was gone. Feed-back appreciated.
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